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Value 08.21.19

Free Thinlay for Road Owners Webinar

This webinar will focus on Thinlays™ through the lens of road owners. The presentation will discuss how they fit within pavement management systems, when and how they should be used, how to develop and specify Thinlay™ mixes, and best practices for Thinlay™ construction. Also included will be input from current municipality and DOT engineers familiar with this application. This presentation will be led by James Purcell, PE, a consultanting engineer very familiar with this application.

Free Thinlay Webinar Registration Now Open

Registration for the FREE Two Decades of Positive Thinlay Performance at the NCAT Pavement Test Track webinar that will be conducted by Dr. R. Buzz Powell, P.E., Associate Director & Research Professor, National Center for Asphalt Technology, is now open. The webinar is scheduled for January 21, 2021, 3:00 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada).


Thinlays for Pavement Preservation

This guide provides comprehensive guidance on using Thinlays for pavement preservation — including how Thinlays fit within pavement management systems, when and how they should be used based on existing pavement condition, how Thinlay mixes should be developed and specified, and best practices for Thinlay construction.

Informaton Series 141 (IS-141)

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Construction, Pavement Technologies, Sustainability

FHWA Thinlays: Thin HWA Overlays Preserve Pavements

Thin asphalt overlays (Thinlays) placed for pavement preservation are functional overlays to extend the service life of the pavement and are not intended to add structural capacity. The key benefits of a thin asphalt overlay are improved ride, corrected rutting, impermeability, and reduced noise.





Asphalt roads offer superior value.  First, asphalt’s life-cycle costs are low, in part because the structure of asphalt pavement doesn’t have to be replaced. Well-maintained asphalt roads can last…