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The Asphalt Pavement Alliance developed the prestigious Perpetual Pavement awards to recognize long-life asphalt pavements in the U.S. and honor asphalt pavements demonstrating outstanding design and construction.

Although the Perpetual Pavement concept was first articulated in 2000, many asphalt pavements that were constructed long ago function as Perpetual Pavements. The Perpetual Pavement Award recognizes State Agencies and other owners of pavements that had the foresight to build pavements according to these principles. This award honors Perpetual Pavement projects that are at least 35 years old, have not suffered a structural failure and have an average interval between resurfacing of no less than 13 years.

Award Winners

Since 2001, the APA’s Perpetual Pavement Award program has recognized 181 long-life pavements in 32 U.S. states and one Canadian province. The winning pavements range in age from 35 years to 91 years, and the pavements average 46.42 years old at the time of recognition. 

Winning agencies are honored by their state asphalt pavement association and are presented with an engraved crystal obelisk. 

One of the keys to sustainability is long life. Asphalt roads can be engineered to last indefinitely with only routine maintenance and periodic surface renewal.

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