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Asphalt Delivers for your Budget, Community, and the Future

Asphalt pavements deliver the performance that agencies, designers, owners, and drivers demand. A solution for the entire transportation network, asphalt is a completely recyclable material that delivers a safe, smooth, quick-to-construct pavement optimized for costs, community, and environment. Asphalt roads are proven solutions that work for your budget, community, and future. Paving with asphalt delivers immediate benefits today while looking out for tomorrow.


In a survey of agency leaders and staff, funding for pavements was reported by 61% as the top challenge impacting their agency. One respondent noted, “We’ve really figured out how to do things right, how to build long-lasting pavements, but there is just not enough money to go around. So we need funding on the local, state, and national level.” While the industry advocates on Capitol Hill, learn more about existing cost-effective methods and practices to save agency budgets.


Just as communities provide belonging, support, and help us successfully reach our goals, asphalt can provide engineers a long-term, cost-effective solution for neighborhood needs. Asphalt pavement offers superior value — smoothness that reduces road and vehicle maintenance costs and mixture technologies to reduce splash and spray. Plus, as the nation's most recycled product, it conserves community resources. Asphalt is designed to connect us to what matters — our community.


The future depends on what we do in the present, and the asphalt industry has a proven track record of providing smooth, long-lasting, 100 percent recyclable pavements. Ensuring we deliver an innovative pavement that delivers the performance that agencies, designers, owners, and drivers demand, asphalt is the engineered pavement of choice for our future.