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Private Market Applications

Parking lots are the gateway to which all employees, customers, and visitors view upon arrival. As a first impression, it's important to welcome pedestrians with a well-maintained, smooth parking lot. Asphalt parking lots are the superior material of choice for parking lots due to their speed of construction, sustainability, and cost. When designing an asphalt parking lot important considerations are: traffic, subgrade, and drainage.

Pavement Technologies, Sustainability

Guidance For Establishing Mixture Performance Test Criteria

In addition to the lab to field validation experiment previously discussed in Step 7 of Guidance for Selecting Mixture Performance Tests, a statewide benchmarking experiment is also highly recommended to help establish appropriate mixture performance test criteria. The objective of the benchmarking experiment is to test existing mix designs being designed and produced in the state using the selected mixture performance tests to determine the distribution of test results. When selecting asphalt mixtures for the benchmarking experiment, priority should be given to those with a known history of field performance. Ideally, the benchmarking experiment would include testing of laboratory-mixed laboratory-compacted (LMLC) specimens for mix design approval and PMLC specimens for production acceptance.

Pavement Technologies, Sustainability

Guidance For Selecting Mixture Performance Tests

NCHRP Project 20-07/Task 406 identified nine critical steps needed to move a test method from concept to full implementation (West et al., 2018); they are graphically illustrated in Figure 6. Although the order of these steps is the logical sequence, some tests have been developed in different orders. It should also be noted that the results of a step may indicate that the test method needs significant refinement, and the preceding steps need to be repeated. Therefore, an objective review of the test method should be made after each step to determine whether the process should proceed.