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There are many applications for asphalt in commercial pavement needs from parking lots to airports to racetracks. Although the applications may differ, they all have the same basic requirements. Their surfaces must be smooth, aesthetically pleasing, easily maintained, and long-lasting. Asphalt is the pavement of choice to meet all these needs.

Parking Lots

Asphalt is an economical, environmentally friendly, fast-to-construct material for parking lots. Did you know over 90 percent of the parking lots in the U.S. are asphalt?

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According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s U.S. National Plan of Integrated Airports, asphalt is used on 80 percent of all runway surfaces. For General Aviation airports, asphalt makes up 85 percent of runway surfaces. Asphalt's speed of construction makes it an ideal choice for rehabilitation of busy aviation facilities.

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Asphalt pavements provide smooth driving surfaces combined with the excellent traction demanded by professional stock car racing. Of the 33 NASCAR racetracks across the country, 31 are paved with asphalt. Of the 88 racetracks listed for the NASCAR Short Track series, 64 are asphalt, 21 are dirt or clay, and only three are concrete.

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