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NJAPA Thinlays: The Pavement Preservation Tool of Choice

Every day in 2011, more than 48 million tons of goods, worth some $46 billion, were transported across the United States and over 73 percent of those tons was carried over the nation’s highways and roads.1 According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 49.4 percent of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) on the Federal-Aid Highway System failed to meet the standard of “good ride quality” in terms of smoothness and 18 percent failed to reach the less stringent “acceptable” level.2 FHWA notes that pavement condition has a “… direct impact on vehicle operating costs in the form of increased wear and tear on vehicles and repair costs. Poor pavement can also impact travel time costs … and can have an impact on crash rates.”3 Given the value of goods being transported over U.S. highways and roads, and the effect of road condition on costs, time, and safety for the public, it is critical that our nation’s highways and roads be kept in proper condition.

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