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Asphalt Protects: Climate

As worldwide leaders in recycling, the asphalt pavement industry has a proven track record when it comes to environmental stewardship. Whether walking, biking, driving, or flying asphalt pavements are the arteries of America. Essential for commerce, community, and connection asphalt is used not simply on roads but pathways, airfields, and even for water shortage solutions. The prevalence of asphalt requires continued leadership in the climate areas and demands greater transparency and accountability. In 2021, we are working with academics, industry, and regulators to detail industry-wide goals that lower our product’s environmental footprint and set us on a path toward carbon neutrality. Once determined, our goals will be publicly communicated. We will detail where the asphalt pavement industry is currently and our hopes for the future. Our success depends on a comprehensive roadmap, that specifies the best practices, recommendations, and opportunities to reduce emissions. We work to pave the way for future generations, protect our natural resources, and ensure we are good neighbors in our community. Learn more about our recyclability record. 


Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA)

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