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A Race Against Time

The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a permanent road course with both a 2.4-mile, 15-turn configuration and a 2.25-mile, 13-turn lay-out located in Lexington, Ohio. It was originally constructed in 1962 for weekend sports car racing by local businessmen. In 1972 and 1990, the entire 2.4 miles of road course was resurfaced. The track is often referred to as the “country club” of racetracks.

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Harris Hills Raceway Rehab

For those who live near San Marcos, Texas, Harris Hills Raceway offers the perfect opportunity for racing aficionados to get together, race their own vehicles on a challenging track, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts—all without the risk of getting a ticket! You could say that racetrack is an oasis for “civilians” with the need for speed. With a thriving client base to satisfy, the condition of the track is an important investment for the family-owned business. When owner Bo Rivers realized it was time for some much-needed rehabilitation, he began looking for a paving contractor that could meet the track’s unique needs. 

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Hallet Motor Speedway

Hallet Motor Speedway is one of many racetracks across America that has benefitted from asphalt smoothness and quick speed of construction.   After opening in 1976, the track was beginning to show its age.  A quick construction turnaround ensured a safe surface for a highly technical racecourse in time for opening day.

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