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Oakland Airport

Oakland International Airport (OAK), located in the San Francisco Bay area, is among the busiest airports in the nation and is of critical importance for the economy and air travel in the region. It serves over 12 million travelers annually. The 10,500-ft by 150-ft runway (RWY 12-30) is the airport’s main runway, capable of accommodating the largest aircraft used for international and domestic commercial flights, and it is open for operations 24 hours a day.

The previous asphalt concrete overlay occurred in 2001 and had a design life of 15 years. Over the past several years, the runway surface exhibited increasing signs of wear and deterioration. Rehabilitation of the runway was ordered to secure the future safety of flight operations. For this major airport paving project, extensive planning with all stakeholders occurred in order to minimize the impacts of the project on air carriers, local traffic, population, and economy. All paving was successfully completed within the 14-day contract time and no construction delays occurred. Only with asphalt can this type of airport renovation project be conducted with limited interference to air traffic operations. It is truly the preferred pavement choice in such cases.

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