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Dallas Fort Worth’s First Asphalt Runway

Runway 17C/35C at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was built more than 35 years ago and after years of heavy use, the concrete surface was in significant need of rehabilitation. DFW is the fourth busiest airport in the world with approximately 50,000 arrivals and departures in 2017 alone. 17C/35C handles approximately 40 percent of arrivals daily. For the rehabilitation of its primary arrival runway, DFW knew it had to find a solution that would require the shortest amount of downtime, deliver the longest pavement life, require minimal interruption for scheduled maintenance, and maintain its status as a carbon-neutral airport. After extensive rehabilitation, the 13,400-foot runway has been reborn as the first asphalt surfaced runway in DFW history. Khaled Naja, DFW’s Executive Vice President of Infrastructure and Development Division. “Ultimately, the asphalt advanced our capabilities with weather resistance and operational performance. It also provided us a cost-effective solution that allows us to plan for future rehabilitation projects that return our airfield to full operations in less time than what other products offered. That’s better for the airport and our airline partners.”

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