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Cedar City Regional Airport Runway Reconstruction

Cedar City Regional Airport is undergoing a runway reconstruction project with Sunroc Corporation, a UAPA Member. The scope of the project includes the following:

Reconstructing Runway 2-20 and rehabilitating Runway 8-26. The pavement on runway 2-20 was 24-55 years old; a runway’s life expectancy is 20 years. The asphalt on portions of Runway 8-26 was 49 years old.

Correcting Runway 2-20’s nonstandard cross slope at intersections, areas where water ponds during storms (a safety issue), a nonstandard longitudinal slope, and nonstandard lighting where Runway 2-20 intersects with Runway 8-26.

Relocating a wildlife fence near Runway 2-20 outside the object free area. Also, the MALSR lighting system needed replacement after more than 30 years, and after more than 25 years, so did the lighting and signing system on the airfield. The airport has gone through and renamed its taxiways and intersections leading onto the main runway. These changes will conform with a more logical configuration that will bring the airport’s layout plan more in line with the FAA’s recommended standard. These changes will reduce risk and allow pilots to avoid loss of situational awareness.

Finally, the existing irrigation box culvert and pond dikes needed to be moved outside the airport property. This change will increase safety and functionality for the airport while still allowing the irrigation company to provide water to all those property owners that rely on it west of the airport.

Cedar City is excited about these improvements. The new and improved runway will meet all of the FAA design standards and will provide the community with a runway that will allow the community to benefit from businesses that choose to fly in and out of Cedar City