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The Asphalt Pavement Association is Accepting Nominations for the 2020 Perpetual Pavement Award

The Perpetual Pavement Award is an excellent opportunity to highlight asphalt's long-life characteristics. The award honors state and local agencies that have had the foresight to design and build asphalt pavements which have long life, are cost-effective, and provide the comfort and convenience that the traveling public expects.

The APA invites you to submit an entry for the 2020 Perpetual Pavement Award. Applications will be reviewed by engineers at the National Center for Technology (NCAT). The deadline for nominations is December 1, 2020. Winners will be announced in the first quarter of 2021.

Each winning agency will receive the prestigious Perpetual Pavement crystal obelisk, and will have its name engraved on a special plaque at NCAT. The APA posts a national press release announcing award winners and will send project-specific individual press-ready announcements to each winner.

To download the 2020 Perpetual Pavement Award Nomination Form, click here.

Nomination forms along with pictures and additional project information should be submitted either via email or on a thumb-drive. Pictures should be in high-quality jpeg format.

Send nominations to the address provided on the form or email to

If you have questions, please contact Michelle Kirk at (904) 446-0758

Thank you for your participation and good luck on your submission.

Be on the lookout in the near future for information on two new Perpetual Pavement award opportunities for new Perpetual Pavement construction and Perpetual Pavement reconstruction!